Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cheoah Race Results

Cheoah Race Results:

Top 10
1. 16:14 Charlie Simmons, Dagger Response
2. 16:28 Chris Gallaway, The Wave Sport Race Boat
3. 16:40 Geoff Kohl, Tornado
4. 16:46 Ben Davis, Liquid Logic Remix
5. 17:09 Matthew Wallace, Liquid Logic Jefe
6. 17:38 Chris McCoy, Dagger Nomad
7. 17:49 Cruise Quenelle, Liquid Logic Jefe
8. 18:13 Warren Stallings, Dagger Nomad
9. 18:30 Chuck Armantrout, Jackson Rocker
10. 19:28 Danny Flem and Bryan ?, Riot Magnum and Liquid Logic Jefe

Race was from the put in above the Forest service bridge to the lake. Thanks to Chuck and for putting the race on.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Colorado Cut Short

After my California plans became shot, I decided to hop on and ride out to Colorado with Adam Goshorn and Matt Wallace. Unfortunately my trip was cut short because of a shoulder dislocation after 5 action packed days of paddling. Thanks to Dave and Kat Levitt, Sammantha Brunner, Boyd Ruppelt, Adam Goshorn, and Matt Wallace for there help with my shoulder and getting my boat out of the gorge. You can look forward to Ryan Moore's carnage segment to see this incident. Check out Adam's video, click here.
"Dont Think we're in east Tennessee anymore"
Matt Wallace on Stupid Falls
Big Wood Falls
Adam Goshorn on Big Wood Falls
Rip Your Head Off, Daisy Creek
Big One-OBJ

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Being a creek boater in a family of slalom boaters I decided to head to the Green and race the giant slalom race. The race consisted of a down river race from the confluence of Big Hungry creek to the pool above pencil sharpener, and a slalom race over the slides below Gorilla. Unfortunatly I had to leave before me seconed run on the slalom course so my overall placement was not vert good. Overall I thought the race was awesome, it was well orginized, a great idea, and a ton of fun. Hopefully we will see this race for years to
Top 10:
Chris gragtmans
pat keller
nathan silsbee
shane benedict
tim bell
john grace
toby macdemott
caleb coaplen
james kodaras
fergus coffee

Great Falls Race

Bit the bullet and packed up the car with Matt Wallace for the 10 hour drive to DC. Having never been there we had one day to learn the lines and figure out a race strategy. The race went well and I came out 14th. It was cool to be racing on class V, five minutes from the White House. Thanks to Ryan Moore for the hospitality and not killing Matt when his dog ate Matt's throw up.
Racing off the "Fingers"

Crowd watching the race.
Grace Under Pressure
Toby Macdermott racing Matt's old Gus.